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From Our Principal
And PTA President:



From Our Superintendent of Schools:

This is a message on behalf of Dr. Veronica C. Garcia, Superintendent of Santa Fe Public Schools. We’ve heard the rumors regarding school tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15, 2017. We want to clarify that school is NOT cancelled Wednesday, March 15, 2017. Students should report just like normal.

However, before the Legislative Session ends on Saturday, we need to tell policymakers and that our District, and other school districts in the state, cannot sustain any more cuts to our students’ education. We can join together to deliver the message on Thursday, March 16, 2017. We need your input regarding the best course of action to take in order to achieve this goal. Your opinion counts!

You can provide input by participating an online survey at If you do not have online access, please contact Sabra Roybal at 467-2024, and she will assist you. Once again, school will be in session as normal.


Este es un mensaje en nombre de la Dr. Verónica C. García, Superintendente de las Escuelas Públicas de Santa Fe. He oído rumores sobre la escuela mañana. Quiero aclarar que la escuela NO se cancela mañana. Los estudiantes deben reportarse como un dia normal.

Sin embargo, antes de que la Sesión Legislativa termine el sábado, tenemos que decirle a los políticos que nuestro Distrito y otros distritos escolares del estado no pueden sostener más recortes en la educación de nuestros estudiantes. Podemos unirnos para mandarles un mensaje el jueves, 16 de marzo del 2017. Necesitamos su opinión sobre la mejor acción que tomaremos para lograr este objetivo. ¡Su opinión cuenta!

Puede proporcionar información participando en una encuesta en línea en Si no tiene acceso en línea, comuníquese con Sabra Roybal al 467-2024, y ella le ayudará. Una vez más, la escuela estará en clases normales.


Legislative Update, Monday, March 13

Legislative Update, Monday, March 13, 2017
Budget and Revenue
The Senate has passed amended versions of House Bill 202 and an amended General Appropriations Act, HB 2.  The tax package raises the revenue necessary to prevent further cuts to public education.  The appropriations bill rearranges public school funding, but keeps it near the level in the original HB 2.  However, apparently, in an effort to please the governor, more funds were placed at the discretion of the PED.  This resulted in $20 million fewer dollars in the School Equalization Guarantee (SEG) than the original house bill.  Thus, this version of the appropriations act increases the SEG by only $18 million.
These amended measures are on the House Concurrence Calendar. The House can either accept the Senate Amendments (concur) of refuse to accept the amendments and send the measures to a conference committee made up of members of both chambers.
The message is still short and simple:  “Please support reasonable revenue increases like House Bill 202Senate Bill 231, and Senate Bill 131.  Please support funding public schools and higher education.  Public education cannot continue to function with additional funding cuts.  Cuts would be disastrous for our children and the women and men who serve them as public education employees!”  Calls to the Governor are especially important now!!!!!!!!!!!
Tobacco Tax to increase school funding
Specifically SB 231  (increasing the tobacco tax to add 89 million new dollars to public schools) is headed to the House Taxation and Revenue Committee.  Several Democrats on the committee appear to be wavering.  Please follow this link to call all committee members and ask for their support for new funding for public schools. The acting chair of the committee is Carl Trujillo (Chairman Jim Trujillo is recuperating from heart surgery) of Santa Fe, office phone (505) 986-4236.
No cuts and more revenue
In general support of no cuts and more revenue, calls should be placed to:
Speaker of the House, Brian Egolf, (505) 986-4782
House Minority Leader, Nate Gentry, (505) 508-0782
House Appropriations and Finance Committee Chair Patricia Lundstrom: (505) 986-4316
Senate Democratic Leader, Peter Wirth, (505) 988-1668
Senate Republican Leader, Stuart Ingle, (575) 356-3088
Senate Finance Chair John Arthur Smith (505) 986-4365
Add your own legislators to the list by following the link below.
 Follow this link to get your legislator’s office number and a suggested message.
Teacher Sick Leave
House Bill 241 which would have allowed teachers to take up to 10 days a year of sick leave before in affected evaluation was vetoed by the Governor.  The bill’s prime Senate sponsor originally indicated that he would seek a veto override.  That seems to have changed as it appears he is working with the Governor on a compromise.   Follow this link to ask your legislators to vote to override the Governor’s veto.


Time to Pick Up the Phone

The NM House Republicans do not plan to override the 10 day teacher attendance/evaluation piece. If you support the override, it is time to stop sharing and start calling (not emailing). They plan to 'negotiate' which likely means scaling it back to the five days Martinez says she would accept. Eight members must be convinced to vote independently of the Minority Caucus. Locally, you can reach out to Jim Smith, a former, local teacher. You can find a complete list under leadership in the NEA update above.

No More Budget Cuts!

Parents and Concerned Citizens of New Mexico,

Below is a link to the video of the Senate Finance Committee Meeting regarding Higher Education and the Public Education Department (K-12). It is 3 hrs. and 38 minutes long. The first half are presentations by NM Higher Ed. Presidents, and beginning at 4:41, selected Superintendents (Rio Rancho, Odessa, etc.) discuss the impacts of additional cuts and lack of funding to their students/communities in their districts. There will be significant job losses. Las Cruces is reporting 350 positions. Rio Rancho is on a hiring freeze, spending freeze and out of substitute funds right now. At the 120 days in the fall they will not have anymore funds for transportation.     

I must say that ...all leaders were very blunt and articulate in explaining how this will affect our state, communities and children. Please share to spread the word. This is no joke. The Governor must pass a tax increase. There is no other way to continue "to cut and expect excellence" as one individual stated in their testimony. Please call the Governors office and state that you want her to support public schools and a budget that supports our public schools.  Call your representatives. The testimony is very sobering. Please watch it and share via email, FB and/or Twitter.  

EDCS Staff Member


Thank You!

Stay tuned for the results from our two-event fundraiser

A big THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered, donated prizes and came to Rock the ARTS last week! Thanks to you we were able to raise much-needed funds for our school. The final amounts will be announced at our next PTA meeting on Thursday, March 9th. Hope to see you there!

Listen to our RTA Chair Jackie Camborde and PTA President Kristin Goodman promote the event on the
Richard Eeds Show!

We would like to thank the EDCS staff, our parents, our community, and our corporate sponsors!


Fun Run-a-wow!

Thank-you and congratulations!
We wen
t ABOVE and BEYOND our Goal

We are amazed at all the effort and enthusiasm that came out of this fundraiser. We could not have raised our grand gross total of $24,500 without all of the school working together to gather those 714 pledges. After expenses, we will have netted close to $20,000 for our general PTA fund that will go to school programs and materials. Some fun stats:
100% of our student body participated in the kick-off, run, and celebration and joined in the fun and spirit of working together for a common goal. 40% of our students were able to collect pledges towards this goal. A whopping 14 of our classrooms reached their goals of $1,000, with Teams Zirulnik, Johnson, and Luke-Skol leading the way.

160 students met their goal of $50, and there were 55 student pledge superstars who raised more than $150 each, including an incredible 20 students who raised more than $300 each. Erick Cohen (4) won our grand prize, raising an amazing $755 for the school! Our other top earners per grade were Varrsha Chenthuran (K), Jacob Arrant (1), Coco Goodman (2), Jaxson Nuzzo (3), Rebekah Bagwell (5), Evan Eadie (6), Jaiden Rogers (7),  & Gavin Cahill (8). Wow!
What amazing work all of our students have done. This was most certainly a team effort! As we wrap up this event, we will be getting out the last of the prizes very soon, and, hopefully, students will keep running!
A big thank you and shout out to all of our teachers, students and their families, our supporting sponsors, the amazing Fun Run-a-thon committee members, the many volunteers who helped out on our event days, those who donated prizes, and of course, the many, many people who gave pledges in support of our school.

Next PTA Meeting:

Thursday, May 4
6:30 - 8:00 pm - School Cafeteria
Professional FREE Childcare Available
Come see what we are doing this year to support EDCS, the Eldorado community, and your families!

Read the Notes from our January General Meeting: HERE


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New contribution box for "tops" has been placed in the front lobby (by couches). Proceeds from Box Tops to benefit the school gardens. Get the kids involved, hundreds of dollars can be earned if they clip the “Box Tops for Education” coupon off of participating products from Cheerios, Green Giant to Hefty garbage bags. To make it easy, keep a receptacle handy in your kitchen to hold clippings, as it fills up you or your child can drop them in the box in the front lobby of the school. Each coupon is worth 10¢, which has added up to hundreds of dollars for us each year!

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